When we decided to emigrate, where to livery Jack was a huge concern for me. Our ultimate aim in moving, was to buy our own yard and have the horses at home but initially, this wasn’t practical.

We settled on a yard about 20 minutes away from where we’re living offering full livery. It’s been an eventful few months adjusting to the differences… Much less turnout, more traditional feeding methods and the like all left Jack and I feeling rather alien!

While Im terribly poor at remembering to take pictures, here are a few which will hopefully serve as a guided tour to our new life.

The equestrian centre itself lays nestled in the grounds of a Danish gothic castle. The current owner has had a lifelong passion for horses and is a well known dressage rider and trainer.

The Castle

The centre itself boasts impressive facilities with two indoor arenas (one olympic size with a cafe and viewing area overlooking it), one smaller; three outdoor arenas (one of which has a full set of showjumps), a horse walker (THE MACHINE (!)), a solarium, a washroom, heated tackroom and off road hacking on tracks around the grounds of the castle.

The small indoor arena (nope thats not me!):-

Small Indoor

This is, however, Jack:-

Relaxing In The Small Indoor

The main outdoor (this is used for dressage only and the main competition arena for the outdoor dressage competitions, of which the yard holds numerous national and international level events):-

Main Outdoor

Main Outdoor From a Distance

The stables are all indoors in an American barn type setting:-

The Stables

Jack’s Stable