Quite typically of most girls, I have a weakness for all things sparkly, much to the upset of my fiance. I was actually introduced to this jewelry by my mum who has been collecting it for a while now. When I was home for a week in Novemeber, I was flicking through a magazine and spotted a charm bracelet I raher liked and pointed it out to her. She disappeared off upstairs and came down with a bracelet to show me (this is never a good thing!)

There was my first introduction to Pandora jewelry and I spent the period of time between returning to Denmark and Christmas *begging* my fiance to get me one.

The concept is pretty simple… you choose a bracelet and add beads over time to signify particularly times or significant things in your life. The beads come in either silver, gold or a mix of and recently they’ve also added a collection of coloured glass beads to add interest. The result is a seriously chunky and eye catching piece of jewelry and Im now completly hooked on collecting them!

You can read about them here:-


They release special edition beads that they only produce a limited number of and once they’re sold thats it. They also withdraw the beads after so long to ensure they remain collectable.

I got mine for Christmas and friends and family were kind enough to buy me numerous beads to attach to it. So far, my collection stands at:-


All quite significant to me now. My fiance got me the heart (aaw), the Christmas tree (special edition), the teapot (I may drink a fair bit of tea…), the bunny (good luck charm for my darling bunny who was diagnosed with myxamatosis just before Christmas but is still battling on strong) and the bee (friends call me hive queen!!). My fiance’s parents got me the horse (obvious), the dragon (i play fantasy pc games) and the glass bead (i adore pink!). Boyfriends brother got me the four leaf clover and the ghost (long story involving a horror night) and finally, my dad bought me the Christmas present (another limited edition one)