Much like the UK, we were forecast some snow last week. It came, looked temporarily impressive, but left rather fast. The horrific temperatures of last week have past (incidently, for anyone who remembers my blog entry where my fiance and his family rushed out to find a stuck boat; the temperature at the beach that evening due to the windchill was -21 degrees!) and with the slight warming, all the water system at the stables thawed. Temporarily at least, the great bucket shortage of 2008 has passed. Incidently, for anyone interested, the little mare next door who was frantically attempting to drink at light speed last week now has her own pink bucket. To be perfectly honest I’m rather jealous and now understand the bucket-stealing ideas that may have been plagueing other liveries; although where they were considering such actions in reflection of the bucket shortage in all local tack stores – I was just downright jealous of her pink bucket.

This morning looked grey and miserable and it had clearly rained overnight. Out of nowhere, the weather has taken a bit of a turn. After promising myself that I would start to collect more photographs, I ran outside to snap some piccies of the current snowfall. I’m even going to track it during the day (assuming it stays).

Immediatly out of the back door..

This one is taken looking out towards the neighbouring fields, just beyond them is another livery yard (not where I keep Jack though)


This one is taken looking out towards the forest (home to some funky, HUGE eagles) and the beach (yep, the trees run right down to the beach), not that you can see much…

Towards the forest and beach

Over the patio

I know the quality isn’t great but its from a phone camera. Perhaps if my determination to document every moment of my life (interesting or otherwise) continues, I may have to harass my poor fiance for a camera!

Yesterday’s visit to the stables went by with very little entertainment really. A trip to the local supermarket afterwards however, yielded much to be excited about! We went in search of modelling clay which needless to say, we didn’t find. I did wander off to investigate the tinned food situation thought and behold (!) there were tins of spaghetti and sausages! Due to the fact that there weren’t that many, I insisted on throwing them all into the basket, coming away with 11 tins! (Can you imagine what the girl on the check outs must have thought.)

In other victorious news, the search for the modelling clay was also concluded today and my fiance returned from town (incidently, he wouldn’t take me with him which Im very unhappy about) with 9 bars of modelling clay; one in every colour they have. Pretty good timing considering that the weather has put me off from venturing out of the house today and my new career as a modelling clay sculptress can commence.

Blog updates have been slightly slow over the weekend and for that I apologise. Instead I’ve been working on some more serious stuff, particularly focusing on the use of rollkur in modern training methods and Im hoping the first part of that will be making an appearance today or tomorrow. (I know, I know, you’d much rather be reading stories of the strange habits of the Danes but Ive promised myself for a long time that I’d collect together my views on certain modern training methodologies and publicise them online.)