Ok, so I confess, it’s been a while since Ive updated the blog. There have been a couple of reasons for this. One being the fact Im still battling with the more serious content on this site and the second being that I’ve had a sick bunny to contend with yet again.

So firstly, to the Avril fans. Avril has been very happy and hyperactive after his miraculous recovery from the myxomatosis at Christmas. That was, until yesterday, when I returned from riding to see him behaving rather strangely. My best description, which at least the horsey readers out there will understand, is that he looked like he was weaving. I watched him for a while until he seemed to snap out of it. During the rest of the evening, he was very very quiet and wasn’t eating nor drinking. This is unlike Avril as he’s somewhat large for a bunny and has the appetite to match. Avril should be an American rocker bunny; everything has to be super sized. I decided to have a closer inspection in the evening and let him out of his cage. Rather than his usual bunny antics (discussed indepth in my previous blog), he just sat and seemed to wobble slightly. Whats more, his head was titled onto one side. To be blunt, he looked drunk.

I spent most of the evening wondering if he’d suffered some sort of minor stroke and today saw little improvement. This afternoon we took him back to the vets. I must admit, I was terrified initially as there was talk of brain problems and all sorts. The vet wandered off to do a little investigation about a bunny parasite problem and returned having spoken to the nice guy who made the myxomatosis diagnosis. Their new diagnosis is a deep ear bacterial infection which is affecting the area of his brain that controls his balance. Generally, he has a wicked headache and is dizzy… my rocker bunny is evidently one with some kind of drug or alcohol infection. The choices we were given were to put him to sleep, or accept that the infection he has is most likely one that will return periodically through out his life and he’ll need drug therapy for it. We naturally went with the latter.

Now at this point Im going to rave slightly about this country. The vets here are amazing. Seeing the bunny, all the discussions (we were in for an hour easily) and three weeks of anti biotics came to around twenty pounds. Whats more, they’ve given us a long term repeast prescription so that whenever we think he’s starting with it again (and they’re predicting every few months-ish), we can just go in and buy the anti biotics. And now I shall slate my home country’s veterinary system, where, after a change in law regarding to the prices they can charge for the actual drugs, they decided to make up for it by placing crazy examination fees on everything. I remember when I could buy and keep small amounts of bute or anti-bi’s for my horses as a “just in case” – long gone are those days in the UK.

Hopefully, Avril will be feeling much improved over the next few days. I am aware that I promised people photographs of him. Unfortunatly, he’s still trying to physically prop himself up against the side of his cage, so I don’t think he’s feeling upto posing for his fans just yet.

Today was fun in general. I got to go shopping with my fiance who gave into my recent whining and took a day off to take me out. First stop; the hair dressers. I was there just a couple of weeks ago attempting to convince the world of my natural blondeness. My fiance was also late collecting me which left me stood out in the snow and wind feeling rather grumpy. The result? I told him Id forgive him if I could have my hair extensions done. By some miracle, he agree’d. (That just shows the sheer quality and impressiveness of my whining. Contact me for lessons by arrangement). A date was settled (February the 2nd) and a time (8am for god sake. I dont generally have a pulse at this time, but apparently, its a lengthy progress and seriously, there was no pun intended!) The colour? Not the lightest blonde they did, but one shade below, with a few pink sections put in. The longest I can get is 44 cm’s, which is not quite as long as I wanted but hey! Throughout this, the tone in my voice was getting higher and higher as the excitement kicked. Upon turning to my poor fiance and asking what he thought, all I got in reply was “Oh yea… really looking forward to this bill”. As we left, I happen to mention how much I loved my hairdressers and how nice they were to me. His theory is that we’re single handedly paying for an extension to their business.

Next port of call was the horsey shop! Jack needed a new saddle cloth and I needed to look at hats as Im told the extensions will probably require a larger hat size. Horsey people understand the intricate nature of choosing a colour for your horse. Not only do you need to consider his or her own coat colour, but of course there is your tack, your bandages or boots and your own clothes. Yes, Im a self proclaimed Dressage Diva. Indeed, the fact this is seemingly used as quite a derrogatory term amuses me greatly. I co-ordinate and Im proud. Im not ashamed that my horse looks amazing.. is there any reason I really should be? (In essence, this comes back to the fact that all horse enthusiasts dislike each other… see a previous blog for my explanations on this.) We finally agree’d on a saddle cloth for him and grabbed the final bits I needed, ASIDE from the gold glitter which he outright refused to buy me (i’ll sneak it in next time).

From here we headed to the lingerie store. In fairness, while I was trying on bras (the sizing is slightly different), I wasnt aware that some girl next door was having a fitting and the rather witchy looking assistant kept yanking back the curtain of the changing room asking her if the items were ok. Seemingly my other half got quite the eye full… Im not sure if he or the poor girl next door was more embarassed (any girl of slightly older years will tell you that this is why you never ever ask for a fitting in these damn places as it seems to be an excuse for aged women who’s breasts have now reached beyond their knees to handle younger girls and fondly discuss their perkier days with fellow workers)

Since Im home bunny-sitting tomorrow, I may have slightly more time to make a longer post about something which makes me grumpy during the course of the day… its not hard to find things 😉 For any readers out there however, please send vibes and cross fingers for my lovely rocker bunny. Hes only a year old and hes far from graced with good health :*(