I haven’t blogged for AGES it seems and a lot has happened since the last update. The most exciting thing, for me at least, is that we’ve finally found and now bought our new house.

When we first decided to move back to Denmark, one of the reasons was the hope of finding a really nice house with some land and stables. Property prices in the UK were awful and buying what we wanted seemed impossible; at least for many years. Like many horse owners, I’ve always wanted my horses at home and mounting livery bills were making it more of an interest to my fiance.

In January, we spotted a beautiful house advertised quite close to where we currently are with a small yard attached to it. We called to try and get a viewing but the advert did say the place was under offer and sadly, the new owners had signed a day before we called. While looking at the place on the internet, my other half spotted another house. It was further away (although closer to where he works), with six stables and a few acres. We hadn’t really planned to start looking for anywhere, but we made an appointment (always a bad thing ;p).

The place was ideal for us without a doubt and we decided to put in an offer. A few days and some negotiations later and the offer was accepted. We’re a few weeks on now and the deposit has been paid securing us the house and a moving date of April the first (a BAD day to move imo!).

So piccies anyone? 🙂

The Farm House

The above is the picture of the actual house. It’s a three bedroomed farm house with a beautiful thatched roof (a complete weakness of mine!)

The Outbuildings

Opposite the house are two outbuildings that make an L shape looking onto the courtyard. These were originally used as cow sheds but are currently empty. The stables are currently positioned behind these buildings. Our plan is to take up the floor in these sheds and move the stables to these buildings. This will have the horses looking out onto the courtyard (and put the stables in view from the house!)

The Stables

The above shows the stables themselves. There are 6 loose boxes of about 12 ft by 12 ft. The tack room can just be seen to the left of this picture. Behind where the photographer is stood is a closed haybarn with a huge amount of storage for forage and bedding. The stables need some work but are useable. Eventually, we will probably pull this building down completly after moving the stables to the barns. If you go out of the door at the end of the view on this picture, it leads to the riding “area” and a path to the grazing; which is split between two fields. The riding area is very basic… theres no surface down – its clearly just an area they’ve used to ride on. Our intention is to expand on the area used to about 20 x 40 / 60 metres and to place a proper riding surface down. The stables all have automatic drinkers in them 🙂

Hay Barn

The previously mentioned hay barn!

Master Bedroom

The above shows the master bedroom. The bedrooms are quite dark as they are set up, into the roof, putting the windows quite low down. This picture doesn’t really do the size much justice either! There is a dressing room off to the left of this picture (thank god!)

Bedroom 2

The second bedroom; currently used as a nursery but soon to be a computer room. This is a lovely room but was claimed very fast by my other half 😉

Bedroom 3

Bedroom 3 – soon to be the guest room. It’s quite small but its lighter and airier than the master bedroom!

Upstairs Hall

The upstairs hall way. The master bedroom is just behind where the photographer is stood, with the other two bedrooms being ahead of him. The full size windows and doors to the right lead out onto the balcony.


The balcony can be seen here, along with part of the garden. The garden is rather large which isnt really shown here. Its got a pond and a hedge row enclosing the whole area in. It needs some fencing work however due to our resident husky 😉


Onto the kitchen and a major selling point for my fiance. The kitchen is almost brand new and its really large. The room to the right is one of two dining rooms. Off to the left is a utility room.

Kitchen 2

The kitchen taken from the entry to the first dining room. Its lovely and airy! Im planning on stripping the paint work off the ceiling beams to varnish them instead. Did /i mention they are leaving behind the beautiful new SMEG fridge?

Kitchen 3

Dining Room 1

One of the two dining rooms!


This is the lounge; taken from the point where the television currently is. The lounge spans the full width of the house and is huuuuuge! To the right, the windows look out over the courtyard (and eventually the stables). To the left, over the garden. Theres also a full length glass door out onto the patio area. Again, I want to strip the beams on the ceiling.

Lounge 2

The lounge again, taken from just behind one of the sofas and showing the wood burning fire.

So there we have it! The only thing remaining to be mentioned are our newly acquired four legged friends. When looking around the house, the first stop was with the stables (my main interest anyway). There were two small residents in one of the loose boxes; two donkeys! I spent quite a bit of time talking to them as Ive always liked donkeys. Imagine our surprise then when we received a phone call a few days after the offer was accepted, asking if we would like to offer a home to the two resident donkeys. It works well for us since they will be company for Jack anyway. As such, the donkeys will be staying to live with us 🙂

I can’t wait to move, March is going to be the longest month ever. Ive been very lucky with the farrier and despite the fact that our new house is somewhat out of his way, he has agreed to keeping shoeing Jack. This is a huge relief since Jack now has natural balance shoes and these have made a massive difference to his low heels. The lovely lady who brought him over from the UK for me has also agreed to transport him for me. I hate travelling him as he did have a bad experience in 2006 when he fell down in the back of a box and had his legs trapped under a metal partition!

Arg! I want to move! 😀